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Hurghada Egypt Tourist Information

General Information

The best time to go to Hurghada, for swimming, diving and sunbathing, is the month of April and from mid-October to mid-November. Hurghada Summers are really hot, the Red sea is pleasantly warm for you to enjoy long dives (especially in August and September), however it can be difficult to do outdoor activities during the day and even to sunbathe.

In winter, a stay here can be enjoyable, and the temperature is often sufficient for sunbathing, although the days are quite short, it can sometimes be a bit cold in the evenings, and the sea is a bit cool.


Egypt Health

There are no vaccinations required to visit Egypt. Sunburn and dehydration can be avoided by applying plenty of suncream, wearing light cotton clothes and a hat, plus drinking water. The health care system in Egypt is generally good, but it is advisable to protect yourself with travel insurance.


Egypt Internet

Internet services are easily accessabile in Egypt in Hotels and internet cafes. Egypt also has Wifi - Wimax wireless internet that enables you to access the internet in most of the popular places in the country, particularly around Luxor. You can buy stamps and post your letters at Post Offices. Post Offices are closed on Fridays.


Egypt Electricity

Egypt's electricity works on 220v with sockets being of the two pin European mainland variety. If you are planning to bring any electrical items with you, bring a suitable adaptor.

Business Hours

Egypt Business Hours

Government, administive offices and Banks are generally open from 9am to 2pm each day, except for Fridays, Saturdays public holidays. Most shops are open from 10am to 10pm everyday except Sunday. Please note that all these times may vary in shopping centres and during Ramadan. Most historic sites and museums are open from 9am to 5pm daily, and often until 6 pm in the summer.

Eating Out

In the Tourist areas of the Red Sea, you'll find a wide selection of International restaurants and cafes. Be adventurous though and enjoy a taste of Egypt. Local dishes make great use of spices along with freshly caught fish, meat and fresh vegetables.

Examples of Egyptian dishes include ful medames, mashed fava beans; kushari, lentils and pasta, molokhiya, and okra stew Try the rice-stuffed vegetables, grape leaves, shawerma, kebab and land kofta. Common meats in Egyptian cooking are rabbit, pigeon, chicken, and duck. Lamb and beef are frequently used for grilling. Offal is a popular fast food in cities, and foie gras is a delicacy. Fish and seafood are popular in the coastal areas. Pita bread, known locally as eish baladi is a staple of Egyptian cuisine, while domty is the most popular cheese. Desserts in Egypt include baqlawa, basbousa, and kunafa, common ingredients include dates, honey, and almonds.

Egyptian Food

A high amount of Egyptian cuisine is vegetarian, due to both the high price of meat and the needs of the Coptic Christian community, whose diet is essentially vegan for much of the year. Tea is the national drink of Egypt and beer is the most popular

alcoholic beverage. And try not to miss a real Arabic coffee - it's a lot stronger than you may have tried before!. Alcoholic drinks are readily available in the country.

Hurghada Transfers and Tours

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